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Viking Sports Camps regards players of youth sport programs as young athletes – not young professionals.  Viking Sports Camps provides a safe environment where children participate in physical activity while learning and having fun.  Experienced coaches provide challenging activities, appropriately modified for age and ability, to promote participants’ mental and physical development.  
What We Offer (May vary from town to town) 
- Youth Programs (year round) in Soccer - Basketball - T Ball - Multi Sports - Volleyball - Kickball - Toddler (2 & 3 yr old) Programs
- Adult Programs (winter) Soccer and Basketball
 Cancellation Policy
As of 1/1/07, refunds will not be issued unless a medical condition prohibits an applicant's ability to participate in the program (MD note required).  Medical refunds will be issued from the time of notification (in the form of a pro-rated credit), minus a $35 processing fee.