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We need you to send a waiver (download here) as well as a copy of your child's physical and immunization record. Without those documents your child will not be able to participate in camp.

( | Fax- 617-608-1109 | Mail- 258 Harvard St, #365, Brookline, MA, 02446)

DEPOSITS: Deposits must be paid in full by 5/22/2013 in order to pay the early registration discount rate

To ensure a successful and safe camp please read this email carefully.


  • The location for Viking Summer Sports Camp is Brookline High School located at 66 Tappan Street. The best place to park at drop-off and pick-up times is on Tappan Street. There is both street and parking space parking. Drop-off time is at 8.55am. Pick up time is 3.00pm. If your child arrives before 8.55am or leaves after 3.00pm you MUST pay the fee for this service.
  • If your child will not be attending camp on any day, please contact us at (508) 358-5066 before the start of the camp day to let us know.
  • If you wish your child to come to and/or leave camp alone or with a non parent/guardian we must have a parents written permission.  Your child will then be responsible for reporting to the camp director at arrival and departure time to check in and out.
  • All children must be checked in and out every day.  Checking in requires that you let the camp director know that your child has arrived each morning and the name of the person who will pick your child up that day. Checking out requires that the pick up person informs the camp director who they are and which child they are taking home: if the pick up person changes throughout the day, we require that you contact us at (508) 358-5066 or to let us know.

Early drop off and late pick up

  • Early drop off and late pick up will take place in the gym at 66 Tappan Street. We have many board games, trivia contests, arts and crafts, etc to play during extended hours, and we also allow children to bring their own games, trading cards, books and handheld video games (DS, DSi, DSXL, 3DS PSP, etc.) to be used at this time.


  • Sunblock (we will provide sunblock for children who forget to bring their own. Children should apply sunblock before camp begins. We will remind everyone to reapply their sunscreen after lunch). We also encourage children to wear a hat for protection from the sun.
  • A waterbottle – we takes drinks breaks every 20-30 minutes so please bring plenty of fluids.
  • A snack and a lunch (any food must be in a suitable lunch box/cooler to keep it fresh until snack at 10.30am and lunch at12.30pm).
  • Suitable camp clothing includes shorts/sweatpants, a t-shirt/sweatshirt and sneakers.
  • Equipment as follows:  Multi-Sports camp: shin-guards.  Baseball/T -ball camp: a baseball glove.  Soccer camp: a soccer ball and shin guards. Flag Football camp: a football.  Although cleats are optional, players MUST bring sneakers to camp each day in case we use the basketball court or gym.
  • Optional – a book, board games, trading cards, Games Boys, etc (after children eat snack and lunch, we sit down and rest for 20-30 minutes to allow time for food to digest.  While many children are happy to sit and talk with friends or play board games, etc. that we provide, we also allow children to bring in their own games, trading cards, books and handheld gaming devices to use at this time).


We do not cancel camp when it rains. Camp is instead moved indoors to the Brookline High School gym at 66 Tappan Street. The camp day proceeds as usual with early drop off and late pick up still taking place at the 


Parents have the right to review our discipline policies as well as background reviews of our staff, health care policies and grievance procedures. Please note the following regarding Viking Sports Camp’s Health Care Policy:          

If your child needs to take medication while at camp you must let us know as soon as possible so that we may inform you of the laws pertaining to this and get you forms that must be completed at least 3 days before your child may attend camp. The forms can be downloaded from our website

If your child is mildly ill while at camp the camp health supervisor will help your child, consult with the camp health care consultant and attempt to contact parents/guardians

In the event of a medical emergency every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians/emergency contacts. In the event that no one can be contacted we will go ahead and contact our health care consultant and secure proper treatment.

Have a great day!



Viking Sports Camp
258 Harvard St, #365

Brookline, MA 02446

(p) 508-358-5066


(f) 617-608-1109