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Program start dates and end dates can be found on our website

PLEASE MAIL, FAX, OR EMAIL THIS WAIVER (download waiver) TO VIKING PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PROGRAM. Mailing address, fax number, and email address is below.

Below are some information tidbits you might find useful:


All players (with their parent/babysitter/guardian) must check-in with the Head Coach on arrival. On the first day we hand t-shirts to all participants during the check in process. At the end of session players will be grouped together at the end of the class and asked to check out before leaving by pointing to their parent/babysitter (any players who can not see their parent/babysitter will remain with the coaches). Parents/babysitters/a responsible person must remain at the field/gym during the program.


Soccer: Players need to shin guards, soccer ball and a water bottle. Shin guards can be purchased through our website ( and can be picked up during the programs first day. 

TBall/Baseball: Players need a glove and a water bottle

Basketball: Players need a basketball and a water bottle

Flag Football: Players need just themselves


We may have to cancel class in the event of heavy rain/wet fields or heavy snow storms. The Town of Brookline will close the fields making them off limits to Viking. We try to get as much advanced notice as possible to help plan your day, but we are generally notified via the Town of Brookline’s website at 12:30pm if the fields will be closed. We suggest you to check the Town of Brookline’s website too: You may also call the Viking Sports Camp line at 508.358.5066 or check our home page for cancellation notifications. No make ups will be held for the first cancellation. In the event of 2 or more cancellations, classes will be added on at the end of season.

Phone- 508-358-5066
Fax- 1-617-608-1109
Mailing: 258 Harvard St, #365, Brookline, MA 02446

Waldstein Park Location: Waldstein Playground (near Dean Rd. and Beacon St.)

Soule Location: 652 Hammond St, Chestut Hill, MA

Take care,



Viking Sports Camps 
258 Harvard St. #365 
Brookline, MA 02446 
(508) 358-5066