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Teams are denoted by different colored T-shirts.  A unique team name will be chosen by the kids on the first day of the program.


There are 6 teams total and games will be played at either 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00. Teams will play an even number of games in each time slot. Please refer to the schedule for the time your child's team plays.

3 games played at 9:00am

3 games played at 10:00am

3 games played at 11:00am

= 6 teams and 6 coaches play each hour

20 minutes of instruction and drills (passing, shooting, dribbling)

30 minute game (Two 15 minute halves)



-       4 vs 4 no goalies

-       No corner kicks, only goal kicks

-       Throw-ins

-       No offsides, but have coaches make sure kids do not cherry pick

-       Ball starts in the middle after a goal


Coaches actively help kids implement skills learned and rules of the game

-       no hand balls

-       pass to your teammates

-       strict use of boundaries (out of bounds)

-       goals