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Baseball & T-Ball Clinics

Viking’s youth Tee-Ball and youth Baseball programs introduce children to catching, throwing, batting, baserunning, and fielding. All players hit and run the bases each inning – there are no outs. For batting, coaches will pitch or batting tees are used. We use soft, safe baseballs and/or tennis balls to build children’s confidence and coordination in a safe manner. Our program focuses on hand eye coordination, lateral movement, quickness, agility, and above all else, sportsmanship. All classes serve the purpose of getting children familiarized & comfortable with the rules, motions & mechanics of baseball. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.

Basketball Clinics

Viking’s youth basketball clinics introduce players to the basic skills of dribbling, passing and shooting during the first half of the class, followed by a fun scrimmage during the second half; age adjusted rules and lower hoops are used as necessary. Emphasis is on fun and learning. Each class will try to focus on different aspects of gameplay, building players toward complete understanding of Repetition and overlap with drills is expected to give all players adequate practice with Basketball. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.

Dodgeball Clinics

Viking’s youth Dodgeball program is all about high energy fun! Kids play different versions and variations of dodgeball and even learn different strategies. Classes are 50 minutes long and will be taught by Viking Coaches. Dodgeball is an excellent game for developing hand/eye coordination all while being a tremendous cardio workout. Bottom line, this program is exciting and fun! Viking offers dodgeball in both a scrimmage and league format. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.

Flag Football Clinics

At Viking’s Flag Football Clinics and Flag Football Camps, we teach children the skills that will be useful on both sides of the ball. Some of the skills we teach include the core components of passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive position. Our flag football clinics are for children in grades 1 through 4. The first half of our of the clinic is dedicated to practice, drills, and skill development. The second half is used as a scrimmage. This an extremely fun program recommended for children of all athletic levels. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.

Multi-Sports Clinics

Viking’s youth Multi-Sports programs have kids playing a variety of fun games including dodgeball, capture the flag, tag, soccer, and floor hockey. Our Multi-Sports classes focus on fun games and constant playing. If you seek a program that offers a mix of traditional instruction, skill development that is reinforced with a scrimmage try one of our multi-sports clinics. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt. Please bring a basketball and water bottle to each class.

Soccer Clinics 

Viking’s fun Soccer programs provide guided instruction for children. Your child’s early exposure to the sport should give them an edge up on the competition. Children will learn the basics of soccer and build a foundation for learning future soccer skills, thriving in team play, and general athleticism. All players receive a Viking Sports T-shirt.

For Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten aged children, our areas of primary focus is teamwork, general awareness, gross motor development, and reinforcement of fundamental play (i.e. dribbling, passing, shooting, and no holding the ball). We incorporate fun skills games to help build up confidence, listening skills, and coordination for all students in class during each session.

For 1st & 2nd grade aged children, we start teach more advanced techniques and drills that reinforce the fundamentals. Our coaches are excellent at incorporating a levels of skill and make sure all children in each class receive an equal amount of attention and that all children are engaged in every class.

Each soccer clinic follows the same basic schedule:

• Check-In + Stretching & Running – 5-6 minutes
• Drills – Fun, skill developing techniques – 12-15 minutes
• Games – Different games that incorporate the techniques learned in that class’s drills and previous classes – 12-15 minutes
• Scrimmage – small sided games with different teams created every class – 15 – 20 minutes