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Viking ScholarsThe Viking Scholars Program offers extended math tutoring sessions and homework help for students in grades 1 through 8.  A session can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes in duration.  Tutoring sessions occur at either the Brookline Library or the student's residence.  During a typical session, the student and the tutor will engage in the specific academic areas and work towards the student developing a stronger understanding of the material.  

Viking Scholars creates a curriculum based on the needs of each student and it is implemented during each tutoring session.  With individualized curriculum and Viking Scholars' enthusiastic and encouraging environment, learning is a positive and successful experience.

Math Extension Sessions
 are based on the student’s foundation of math skills and building on these skills to reach a higher level of mathematics. The tutor will design a curriculum that challenges and encourages the student to think and discover new mathematical concepts.

Homework Help is designed for the student to work on his/her school homework with the guidance of a tutor.  The tutor will assist the student in all subject areas. 

Location: Brookline Public Library - Main Branch - 361 Washington St., Brookline, MA 02445

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