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"Keely worked with my son through 7th-8th grade on math. Beneath her easygoing style (which allowed my son to feel that learning with her was fun), was a solid understanding of the material and an ability to keep him focused, productive, and better prepared.  She helped him understand the material in a way that he could apply it on his own to tests and homework, and her hard work with him was reflected in his improved grades.   Her upbeat, can-do attitude and consistent positive reinforcement added to his confidence and his work ethic. She is more than a tutor; she is a friend and role model for my family."

--The Kalb Family

"The staff at Viking Scholars have tutored my children for years.  In addition to excellent homework help, they have also crafted a series of math extensions for our elementary and middle-school aged children.  This extra help has kept our kids on top of their school work and feeling confident about their academic abilities." 

--The McElroy Family

"Keely Brinchman connects with younger and middle school kids in a way that makes children look forward to their tutoring, while at the same time she makes each session a focused learning experience for them. The combination makes Keely a superb tutor.

--Ron Rubin, Ph.D.
father of three kids in Brookline. MA