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3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament - 7th/8th Grade Boys Amateur Division - Individual Player (Ages 12 - 14)
by Viking Sports
Price $30.00

Please Describe Your Child's Level of Experience in Basketball
The reason why we ask this is so we can try to build as balanced teams as possible based on the description of your child's level of experience. Examples of this description could be: "My child has been playing basketball for 5 years and on an organized team for 3 years." or "My child has been playing for 7 years and plays for her school's team" or "My child is newer to the sport but has been playing it a lot with his friends." Feel free to be as descriptive as you like. It will only help us the more you write so we can create as balanced as teams as possible.

Equipment Requirements

1. Proper Basketball Shoes & Attire

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