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Rainy Day Games- Simon Says

Much of Viking Sports’ team activities are done outside. But when the weather is temperamental it's great to play big group games in the great indoors. Not all of our games require equipment, and the games we love are great for teaching gross motor development, instruction following, and team work.

Simon Says: Possibly the most classic listening game there is. The rules are simple; one person acts as Simon (the leader) and gives actions for the rest of the group to perform. If a coach is Simon, the kids must listen for them to say “Simon says… touch your toes!” If the leader does not say Simon Says and somebody touches their toes, then they sit down until another person wins and the next round begins.

Instead of playing with outs, kids can give themselves a strike for each wrong move, or they can do 3 jumping jacks. Giving faster actions makes the game a bit tougher and keeps young kids engaged.