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Rainy Day Games- Simon Says

Much of Viking Sports’ team activities are done outside. But when the weather is temperamental it's great to play big group games in the great indoors. Not all of our games require equipment, and the games we love are great for teaching gross motor development, instruction following, and team work. Simon Says: Possibly the most classic listening game there is. The rules are simple; one person acts as Simon (the leader) and gives actions for the rest of the group to perform. If a coach is Simon, the kids must listen for them to say “Simon says… touch your toes!”..  - Read More

Baseball Tips- Hitting

Baseball is almost back!!  With pitchers and catchers reporting it is time to get back in the swing of things.  Unfortunately for us in the northeast, it is not easy to find a warm, dry place to practice outside in the middle of February.  A place you can practice your swing at home is in your basement, garage, or any open room. All you need is a net set up to catch the ball that can be either made or bought. The key for a good baseball swing is to have your head down, quick wrists, and to incorporate your lower..  - Read More

Footballing Around

As the Super Bowl approaches, we still have one more weekend to wait until the big party. What can you do to get your football fix between now and the Super Bowl? Sure, you can watch the Pro Bowl, but why not be creative? Here are a couple of cool football activities/games to play at home with the family or with friends. One on Ones: Identify a quarterback, receiver and defender. The defender begins downfield, the receiver runs down the field and the quarterback must throw to the receiver such that they can reach the end zone without being tagged by..  - Read More