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Ultimate Frisbee Fun

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is quickly gaining popularity and momentum, especially here in the Boston area. This blog post is all about ways you and your child can get involved in the movement.  I’ll start with a little bit of background. I’ve been playing for about three years now, and I absolutely love the atmosphere that USA Ultimate has created out of a grass roots movement based on fun above all in a sports environment. The three core values of the sport are fun, character and spirit of the game. Spirit of the game refers to the fact..  - Read More

Sportsmanship in Winning

The word, “sportsmanship,” and the phrase, “being a good sport,” are thrown around a lot at Viking camps. If these words come across as vague yet certainly desirable, then we’re here to let you in on what we mean by this. Being on the same page can help you help us promote this value in your children. At Viking, sportsmanship is all about learning how to win with pride and how to lose with humility. Most of the games we play can get competitive, and we believe there is a difference between healthy competition and extreme fanaticism and disregard for..  - Read More

Why Soccer is Great for Kids

Soccer, or football as it is referred to in every country outside of America, is the world’s most beloved of all the sports. It is no accident that the rewards of playing soccer are multi-faceted and far-reaching. Playing soccer bolsters mental, physical, and social health for players in all walks of life. In addition to avoiding the negative consequences of inactivity like staving off diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer, sports like soccer also have positive benefits above and beyond just fighting disease. While it is important to think about these things, Viking Sports embraces a more strengths-based..  - Read More

Why Kids Love Viking

Feedback from campers at Viking year after year confirms that it’s truly the people who make the kids come back to us and want to remain part of our community. Kids love Viking because of the kind of people they are surrounded with. We bring forward a force of positive role models in our staff who lead by example and model values of collaboration, engagement, and standup sportsmanship. In doing so, Viking Summer Camps inevitably foster these same qualities in our campers, spreading a cascade of exemplary character development that lasts a lifetime. Campers and coaches alike come to us..  - Read More

All About Viking Multi-Sports Summer Camp

Here at Viking Camps, our aim is to give kids a fun way to spend the summer in a sports community environment. Our experienced coaches come from a plethora of different backgrounds in sports, and come together in one inclusive and engaging environment. The enthusiasm that our role model coaches bring to camp is contagious! Just as each coach brings a unique set of expertise to the Viking experience, we believe that each child also brings his or her own set of strengths to camp. We seek to give each child the optimal individual attention to learn and grow as..  - Read More

The Risks and Rewards of Football

Do the dangers of football stop you from letting your kids play? "This is the greatest game in the world, I think it teaches more values than any other game that you play. You have things that happen in your life that aren't going to be good. If you play football, you know how to handle them. It doesn't necessarily equate in track and other things." Bruce Arians - coach of the Arizona Cardinals (via ESPN) Football as we know is a dangerous sport. Some would even call it violent, and from the first glimpse of it I would agree...  - Read More