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Footballing Around

As the Super Bowl approaches, we still have one more weekend to wait until the big party.

What can you do to get your football fix between now and the Super Bowl? Sure, you can watch the Pro Bowl, but why not be creative?

Here are a couple of cool football activities/games to play at home with the family or with friends.

One on Ones: Identify a quarterback, receiver and defender. The defender begins downfield, the receiver runs down the field and the quarterback must throw to the receiver such that they can reach the end zone without being tagged by the defender. The round ends either when a pass is incomplete, the defender tags the receiver or the receiver scores. Then players rotate. A new player becomes quarterback, quarterback becomes the receiver, and receiver becomes the defender.

Patriot Drill: Practice learning how to fake out players often while running with the football. Two players start on opposite sides of a designated field. One player attempts to run across field without being tagged. If they player gets across the field untagged, then they get a point. Then players switch places and continue the game. This game is great for kids to get all their energy out.

Knee Football: Ultimate football gives all players the opportunity to throw and catch. Two teams work to get the ball across the field, but only on their knees AND without turning the ball over to the other team. Players on offense can pass to their teammates, but may not run with the ball. If the ball is dropped, blocked by the defense or a pass incomplete, the ball is turned over to the other team.

Always stay safe playing football and always remember that the most important parts of football are teamwork and safety.